Bodyguard Episod 15

Faris, Rayyan, Rahul, Daniel and Basri are bodyguards under the care of Miss Nasha. Every now and then they would be given special assignments. This time around, Daniel is tasked to guard Alyssa, the beautiful and spoilt rich brat who is always trying to seduce him. However, Daniel only sees her as a client and nothing more. Rahul on the other hand is assigned to look after Boboi – whose parents are divorced and the mother, Maya is trying to keep him away from his own father. Rayyan is trusted by Dato’ M to follow his wife, Datin Comel wherever she goes as he suspects that his wife is cheating on him. This makes Datin Comel so annoyed as she feels suffocated by Rayyan’s presence. Faris is hired to take care of Adam, Puan Kizzy’s troubled teenage son. However, Adam isn’t aware that Faris has been tailing and looking out for him. While Basri is required to protect Sarah from her abusive husband.

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